23 Sep, 2022

What IQ Is Best?

It is highly subjective to identify which IQ Level is considered as best. Having the highest IQ and being able to fulfill your purpose in society makes you gold.

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15 Sep, 2022

Which IQ Is Considered Genius?

In the 5th edition of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, an average IQ score of 100 is obtained on IQ tests. Superior IQ scores range from 120 to 129, while gifted scores range from 130 to 145.

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30 Aug, 2022

Can IQ Change Over Time? Does IQ Come With Age?

IQ can change over time, but not always for the better. People tend to experience a decline in IQ as they age. The reason is that our brains are not static. They can change and grow throughout our lives.

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9 Aug, 2022

Why IQ Is Important?

The IQ tests and results should be taken objectively to avoid misuse, as it could boost the confidence of those who score high or destroy the confidence of those who score below average.

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21 Jul, 2022

Where Does IQ Come From?

IQ comes from many different factors in a person's life. A person's genes, premature birth, environment, education, health status, and nutrition all influence how smart they are.

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