What IQ Is Best?

23 Sep, 2022
What IQ Is Best?

It is highly subjective to identify which IQ Level is considered as best. Having the highest IQ and being able to fulfill your purpose in society makes you gold. Here are two simple identifications that give balance to everyday life.

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1. High enough IQ to make a difference.

This level consists of leaders, managers, organizers, and people who can succeed in almost any career. Evidence showed in John Antonakis’ research that High IQ leaders get better results than those with lower IQs. According to a study in Duke University Talent Identification Program, Fortune 500 Leaders come from the TOP 1% in intelligence. Although IQ is not the sole formula to success, the ability to solve problems and understand concepts is critical in one’s personal and professional life. Thus having a high enough IQ sets a person apart from the group.

2. Just enough IQ to maintain a healthy gap with different kinds of people.

A broad communication range and the ability to interact with all kinds of people make it easier to lead. What you communicate and how you understand and see things matters a lot when maintaining relationships in personal and professional life.

At a certain level, some people can be too clever for their good and for the good of everybody, which might make them less effective leaders.

Given the two identifications, IQ levels between 120 and 135 could be the best. If you’re looking for people who can maintain a meaningful interaction with colleagues- both leaders and subordinates, keep a strong bond of friendship, build or form a family, engage in serious conversations and debates, get employed, and keep the job/career or business.