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What Is the Purpose of an IQ Test?

The purpose of an IQ test is to measure intelligence. It's a standardized test that uses established methods to compare people's scores on different parts of the test.

IQ tests are used to diagnose learning disabilities, as well as to predict future performance in school and on the job. IQ tests are also used by researchers who want to study intelligence or its relationship with other factors such as social class or race.

Understanding IQ Test Scores

IQ test scores are not a measure of how smart a person is. They are a measure of how well the person's brain processes information. The higher the IQ, the greater the ability to process information quickly and efficiently.

The average IQ score is 100. Scores may range from 70 to 130, with each number representing 15 points. For example, an individual with an IQ of 120 can process information, and someone who scores 15 points higher (105). However, suppose you have an IQ score that falls below 85. In that case, you may require special education services in school because you may have difficulty learning new material or performing tasks that require complex thinking skills.

About Our Online IQ Test

Our Online IQ Test is a fun and interactive way to find out your IQ.

We know that many IQ tests are either too short or too long, and they don't provide a clear-cut answer to how smart you really are. That's why we created our online test to give you a quick and easy way to get an accurate IQ score without taking hours to complete.

Our test is fun and provides a legitimate gauge of your intelligence. You'll take ten questions from each of five categories: math, vocabulary, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and general knowledge. Each question will have multiple answers, so you must select the correct one before moving on. The questions become progressively more difficult as you go through the test, so even if you're not an expert in all of the categories right now or even any of them, you'll be able to see how well your skills develop over time.

How to Prepare for Our IQ Test

Do your best in taking the test; preparation is the key. The following tips are suggested below in preparing for the IQ test.

  1. Find a quiet place to take the test without interruptions so you won't get distracted.
  2. Have a pencil or pen and paper ready so that if you forget something from the list, you can write it down quickly and continue with the rest of the questions in your booklet or online test version.
  3. Read through each question slowly before answering it. This way, you don't miss any information in each question, which could confuse you when answering questions later on because something missing might have helped you answer another question correctly.


IQ tests are designed to measure an individual's Intelligent Quotient (or intellectual level) and express it in a number. Most of these tests use 100 points as the average IQ score for the general population. Persons under this score can answer easy to mid-level questions without problems but tend to have difficulty answering hard ones.

Therefore, IQ scores are not an absolute measure of intelligence but rather a ranking system that lets people know how their intelligence ranks compared to their peers.

As the average IQ score is 100, any result above that value is already a good score. The meaning of the results can vary depending on the classification used.

For example, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford-Binet test assume that the scores falling between 90 and 109 can be considered also as average IQ scores, as it takes into account a possible margin of error. The same systems also classify scores between 80 and 89 as low average IQ scores and those between 110 and 119 as high average.

The High IQ Score is a measure of intelligence determined by several factors, including vocabulary and math skills. The High IQ Score is also called Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

The high IQ score calculates using an equation that considers an individual's age, gender, and performance on a test that measures cognitive ability. A score above 120 is a good predictor of success in school and work.

This is a real online IQ test. Psychologists wrote the questions based on recent research on human intelligence. Take our IQ tests and get results fast! We provide the most reliable, valid, and accurate online source to measure your smartness.

Yes, the IQ test is timed. The test has 20 questions and takes up to 20 minutes to complete the test. The test will be timed until you finish. Test results are provided immediately upon completion.

IQ tests are very accurate. While there can be some differences in test results analysis, IQ tests have an accuracy rate of around 85% when it comes to the actual test itself.

IQ tests are designed by professionals who have studied human intelligence and how they can measure it. These professionals create a standardized test that is used throughout schools and other organizations around the world. This means that IQ tests are built on the same principles, which helps ensure their accuracy.

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