Where Does IQ Come From?

21 Jul, 2022
Where Does IQ Come From?

The intelligence quotient, also known as IQ, reveals an individual's ability to solve problems and learn new things. The average score is 100.

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IQ comes from many different factors in a person's life. A person's genes, premature birth, environment, education, health status, and nutrition all influence how smart they are. The genes you inherit give you a certain level of intelligence. If your parents have high IQs, you are also likely to have one. However, if your parents have low IQs, it doesn't mean you will as well.

According to a study conducted at the University of Washington, mothers and children develop their brains differently when they have secure emotional bonds allowing them to explore the world and solve problems confidently.

Living in a particular environment can also influence intelligence. A child raised in an environment where there are lots of distractions and not much stimulation may have a difficult time learning new things later in life compared to a child raised in a particular environment that offered a lot of learning opportunities throughout their childhood (like school).​

One's health status can also influence smartness. Those who are healthy are more alert than those who are sickly, so they are more likely to perform academically well than children who are not as healthy due to illness or injury during childhood (such as broken bones).